Conference Presentations 

 SLE Societas Linguistica Europaea 2023 Athens

  • (pdf) (ppt) “The cognitive consequences of multilingualism in the processing of markedness and ungrammaticality in L1”
  • (pdf) (ppt) “Developmental trajectory of L2 and L3 vowel perception: Acoustic and perceptual similarity of English and Norwegian vowels to Polish vowel categories”

Accents 2022:

  • (pdf) (ppt) “Embracing complex linguistic landscape: L3 vs. L2 phonological acquisition” –  Magdalena Wrembel 
L3 Workshop, King’s College, London: (presentations)
  • (pdf) (ppt) “Developmental acquisition of stops by multilingual speakers” – Zuzanna Cal and Magdalena Wrembel
  1. (pdf) (ppt) “Vowel perception in L2 and L3: acoustic and perceptual similarity of English and Norwegian vowels to Polish vowel categories” – Anna Balas, Magdalena Wrembel, Kamil Kaźmierski and Jarosław Weckwerth
  2. (pdf) (ppt) “Predictors of foreign accentedness in L3” – Magdalena Wrembel, Kamil Kaźmierski, Nicole Rodriguez, Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk, Zuzanna Cal and Jarosław Weckwerth
  • (pdf) (ppt) Syntactic CLI in a longitudinal study on L3 Norwegian among L1 Polish – L2 English speakers  

New Sounds 2022 Barcelona 

  • (pdf) (ppt) Exploring spectral overlap in L1 Polish, L2 English and L3 Norwegian vowels
  • (pdf) (ppt) Perceptual vs. acoustic similarity in L3: The relationship between Norwegian vowel assimilation patterns and the Euclidean distances
  • (pdf) (ppt) Natural Growth Theory of Acquisition: New data support for a revised theory of multilingual acquisition of speech
  • (pdf) (ppt) Exploring the patterns of cross-linguistic influence in the acquisition of stops by L1 Polish – L2 English – L3 Norwegian speakers


SLE Societas Linguistica Europaea 2022 Bucharest

  • (pdf) (ppt) The dynamics of multilingualism: Exploring and modeling the acquisition of third language phonology
  • (pdf) (ppt) Perception in L2 and L3: The relationship between English and  Norwegian vowel assimilation patterns and the Euclidean distances
  • (pdf) (ppt) Gradient acceptability and language proficiency as factors in L3 acquisition of syntax

Conference of International Association of Multilingualism (IAM) 2022, Zagreb

  • (pdf) (ppt) Investigating multilingual vocalic space: Spectral overlap and separation in three vowel systems
  • (pdf) (ppt) Categorising perception of VOT continuum in multilingual learners
  • (pdf) (ppt) Exploring syntactic variability among multilingual speakers of Polish, English and Norwegian
  • (pdf) (ppt) „Growing up with Polish in Norway: what do we know and what is yet to be discovered” – online conference organised by Uniwersytet Warszawski, 4/02/2021
  • (pdf) (ppt) Project presentation “Polish-Norwegian project (UAM/UiT/NTNU): Cross-linguistic influence in multilingualism across domains: Phonology and syntax” Magdalena Wrembel
  • (pdf) (ppt) NOA 9 conference in Halden, Norway – online conference, 3-4/02/2022, project presentation by Marit Westergaard, Anne Dahl, Magdalena Wrembel „Polsk/norsk/engelsk flerspråklighet: Forskjeller mellom andre- og tredjespråkstilegnelse”