May 17

L3 Workshop in Tokyo, Japan (May 17-19, 2024)

Several members of our team (Magdalena Wrembel, Tristan Czarnecki-Verner)  presented research at the L3 workshop on multilingual language acquisition, processing and use.  These included: Are we equally accented in our L2..Read More
February 26

ADIM Trondheim Team Meeting (February 22nd, 2024)

Trondheim ADIM team meeting Feb. 22, 2024
Team members from ADIM traveled to Trondheim to recapitulate research results and future research between collaborators across branches  (UAM / UiT / NTNU ). A secondary goal of the Trondheim..Read More
February 8

First part of LnNor Corpus Released (February 8th, 2024)

The first part of our corpus (years 2021-2022) has finally been published under an open license in the CLARIN repository as one of the main project outcomes. This is a..Read More
January 16

University of Wrocław Presentations (January 15th, 2024)

Our team traveled to Wrocław to present our research in tandem with researchers from the University of Wrocław.
December 5

Bilingualism Matters Team Meeting (UAM Wydział Anglistyki, Poznań, Poland)

Several of our members (Anna Balas, Tristan Czarnecki-Verner, Magdalena Wrembel) took part in the Bilingualism Matters board meeting within the Faculty of English (Wydział Anglistyki) at Adam Mickiewicz University. The..Read More
November 30

Accents 2023 Conference (Łódź, Poland, Nov. 30-Dec. 2)

Accents 2023 Conference (Łódź, Poland, Nov. 30-Dec. 2)
A handful of our team members (Anna Balas, Zuzanna Cal, Tristan Czarnecki-Verner, Kamil Kaźmierski, Jolanta Sypiańska, Jarosław Weckwerth) presented their research at Accents 2023, an annual conference related to phonetics/phonology,..Read More
November 24

Noc Anglistów (Anglicist’s Night) 2023

Noc Anglistów (Anglicist’s Night) 2023
At this year’s Noc Anglistów, Kamil Malarski and Magdalena Wrembel gave a joint presentation (with Zuzanna Cal and Tristan Czarnecki-Verner) titled: “Exploring multilingualism: young researcher’s toolkit for investigating speech, perception,..Read More
October 12

L3 ERP study published in Frontiers

Several of our team members published their journal article on “Vowel perception in multilingual speakers: ERP evidence from Polish, English and Norwegian” in Frontiers in Psychology . It found evidence..Read More
October 12

Nordic Network for L2 Pronunciation in Trondheim (Conference, October 12)

Nordic Network for L2 Pronunciation in Trondheim (Conference, October 12)
One of our team members, Professor Magdalena Wrembel, presented a joint paper with Kamil Malarski, i.e., “Learners attitudes towards Norwegian accents” at at NNL2P at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. She..Read More
September 13

Poznań Linguistic Meeting (Conference, Sept. 13-15)

PLM 2023 CLIMAD team photo
Following yesterday’s CLIMAD team meeting, many of our Polish and Norwegian team members presented our research on multilingualism and language transfer at the Poznań Linguistic Meeting (PLM). Topics included L3..Read More
September 12

Outreach at Charles De Gaulle School No. 2 in Poznan (Krzesiny)

Outreach at Charles De Gaulle School No. 2 in Poznan (Krzesiny)
Team members from CLIMAD and ADIM visited ZSO 2 in Poznań (Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących nr 2 im. Charles de Gaulle’a) to give two lectures. One lecture was directed at parents..Read More
September 12

Project Meeting (Poznań, Poland)

Polish and Norwegian team meeting in Poznan
Norwegian team members from UiT and NTNU came to Poznań for the final meeting attended by all team members of the CLIMAD and ADIM projects. Together, we shared our ongoing studies..Read More
August 29

56th Annual Conference of Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE) Conference in Athens, Greece (29 Aug. – 1 Sept. 2023)

56th Annual Conference of Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE) Conference in Athens, Greece (29 Aug. – 1 Sept. 2023)
Our team members presented some research results at SLE, which was held at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens on 29 August – 1 September 2023. Societas Linguistica Europaea is the..Read More
August 7

Conference Event: 20th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS) 2023

Conference Event: 20th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS) 2023
Our Polish team presented our research at the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences in Prague (August 7-11, 2023). Some of the research topics we presented on included the voicing onset..Read More
May 18

Festiwal Nauki in Poznań

Prof Magdalena Wrembel, dr Tristan Czarnecki-Verner, and dr Kamil Malarski gave a talk “Exploring Linguistic Diversity in Sounds of the World’s Languages”  at the XXVI Poznański Festiwal Nauki i Sztuki..Read More
March 28

Research Event: Data collection in Szczecin (1st session) March 28-30th

Our Poznań team came to the University of Szczecin to collect multilingual speech production data. Our team (Magdalena Wrembel, Jarosław Weckwerth, Hanna Kędzierska, Tristan Czarnecki-Verner, Zuzanna Cal, and Kamil Malarski) coordinated data..Read More
March 26

Multilingualism Talk at Marynka

To be or not to be multilingual?’ – this was the question asked by prof. UAM dr hab. Magdalena Wrembel to students of St. Maria Magdalena during a lecture she..Read More
March 1

Mini Seminar at the University of Oslo in Norway

Two of our team members presented a mini-seminar at the University of Oslo.  Magdalena Wrembel (Adam Mickiewicz University) discussed the different approaches to investigating perception in L3 phonological acquisition and..Read More
February 28

Mother’s Language Day (Morsmålsdagen) in Oslo

Linguists from CLIMAD and ADIM presented their research projects at Mother’s Language Day in Oslo. The event itself hosted researchers from several projects who came together to shed light on sociolinguistic..Read More
December 16

Workshop: Speech Corpora with CLARIN in Katowice (December 16-17)

Co-organized by Krzysztof Hwaszcz, several members of our CLIMAD team (Agnieszka Pludra, Tristan Czarnecki-Verner, etc.) were able to attend this two day workshop on language corpus creation, management and analysis…Read More
December 8

Conference Event: Accents 2022

Our team (Magdalena Wrembel) presented at Accents 2022 on the differing roles of L3 versus L2 phonological acquisition.
December 1

Data Collection: EEG 1 (December)

Perception data from L1 Polish-L2-English-L3 Norwegian speakers was collected via Electroencephalography (EEG) by Hanna Kędzierska and several other team members.
November 25

Outreach Event: Noc Anglistów

We (Tristan, Kamil and Magdalena) hosted an “exotic sounds” workshop for high school students at Noc Anglistów in Poznań, Poland. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness about the..Read More
November 14

Research Visit to UiT Tromsø (November 14-19)

Several members of the Polish team went to UiT in Tromsø to discuss research methodology and collect production data from L1 Norwegian-L2 English speakers.
October 21

Conference Event: L3 Workshop at King’s College in London (October 21-22) 2022

We attended this conference on multilingualism and presented our perception data on L1 Polish-L2 English-L3 Norwegian vowel inventories.  
September 15

Conference Event: International Association of Multilingualism in Zagreb (September 15-17) 2022

Several of our members (Magdalena, Zuzanna) presented on voicing onset time of stops and cross-linguistic in L1 Polish-L2 English-L3 Norwegian learners.
September 9

Conference Event: Thematic session at Poznań Linguistic Meeting (PLM) 2022

This conference session investigated bilingual and multilingual acquisition in different populations and varied settings from interdisciplinary perspectives. The co-convenors were Magdalena Wrembel (AMU), Ewa Haman (UW), Marit Westergaard (UiT), Anne Dahl..Read More
September 7

Project Meeting: Poznań

Meeting at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań to discuss research ideas with collaborators from UiT and NTNU.
September 7

Conference Event: Poznań Linguistic Meeting (PLM) 2022

Members of our Polish and Norwegian teams presented at the special session in L3 acquisition and multilingualism.
August 24

Conference Event: Societas Linguistica Europaea 2022 (August 24-27)

June 26

Outreach Event: L3 Workshop on Multilingualism keynotes at AcqVA Aurora Lab at UiT in Tromsø

A Keynote talk on the “the dynamics of third language speech acquisition” was presented by Magdalena Wrembel at the Aurora Center for Language Acquisition, Variation, and Attrition (AcqVA) at UiT The..Read More
June 3

Outreach Event: Lunch talk on phonological development in multilingual acquisition, insights from the CLIMAD and Multi-Phon projects

This talk by Prof. Magdalena Wrembel and Prof. Anna Balas focused on the acquisition of speech from a multilingual perspective and offered an overview of findings as well as some theoretical..Read More
May 2

Data Collection: T3 (May-June)

Our team collected production data from L1 Polish-L2 English-L3 Norwegian speakers in Poznań & Szczecin.
April 20

Conference Event: New Sounds 2022 (April 20-22)

Our team presented data related to the FAR study on vowels produced by L1 Polish-L2 English-L3 Norwegian and L1 Norwegian-L2 English speakers.
March 30

Project Meeting at NTNU Trondheim

Our team met to discuss the discuss data collection for L1 Norwegian-L2 English production and perception studies conducted in Trondheim.
March 30

Research Visit to NTNU Trondheim (March 30-April 2)

The Polish team traveled to Trondheim to consult with the Norwegian team about data collection and analysis.
March 1

Data Collection: T2 (March)

Our team collected production data from L1 Polish-L2 English-L3 Norwegian speakers in Poznań & Szczecin.
February 6

Outreach Event: Festival of Science and Art Talk – “The dynamics of multilingualism” (In Polish)

Magdalena Wrembel & Anna Balas presented on multilingualism, conveying that familiarity with multiple languages should be conceived as the norm in modern society rather than the exception. They substantiated this..Read More
December 1

Data Collection: T1 (December)

Our team collected L1 Polish-L2 English-L3 Norwegian learner production data in Poznań & Szczecin.
November 12

Project Meeting at UiT Tromsø

Our team met at UiT to discuss research progress as well as future landmarks for conducting research into multilingualism using multilingual demographics in both Poland and Norway.
November 10

Research Visit to UiT Tromsø (10-15 Nov)

Our team met at UiT to discuss methodology related to data collection and to create stimuli for future studies in multilingualism of Norwegian language learners.
June 1

Study I: Pilot Study Commences

We started collecting pilot data for the FAR study in Szczecin, which looked into foreign accented speech and vowel quality produced by L1 Polish-L2 English-L3 Norwegian learners.
January 10

Pilot Study I: Design process (January-July 2021)

This time period was spent brainstorming and assessing experimental methodologies related to multilingualism experiments. The CLIMAD team decided that to collect diachronic production and perception data from L1 Polish-L2 English-L3..Read More
January 1

CLIMAD Start Date