Team members from CLIMAD and ADIM visited ZSO 2 in Poznań (Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących nr 2 im. Charles de Gaulle’a) to give two lectures.

OutreachAtCharlesDeGaulle2AnnaBalasOne lecture was directed at parents of students of the Charles de Gaulle Group of General Education Schools No. 2 in Poznan (Krzesiny). Prof. Magdalena Wrembel and Prof. Anna Balas discussed “Multilingualism: Facts and myths, benefits and challenges in the context of education” with an audience of ~300 participants. The lecture raised issues pertaining to linguistic diversity, the benefits of multilingualism and bilingual education.

The other lecture was directed at students, “Investigating multilingualism across linguistic domains: The ADIM Project” and prepared by post-docs (Chloe Castle, Marta Velnic, Hanna Kędzierska and Krzysztof Hwaszcz) in the ADIM project. It overviewed the scope of the ADIM and CLIMAD projects, as well as the studies we conducted so far, and touched on more general topics in linguistics.