We (Tristan, Kamil and Magdalena) hosted an “exotic sounds” workshop for high school students at Noc Anglistów in Poznań, Poland. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness about the wonders of speech sounds across a variety of human languages, and to foster interest in the field of linguistics.

In our presentation, students were guided through hands-on practice producing and perceiving exotic sounds like clicks in Hausa) and front rounded vowels in French and Norwegian with Tristan Czarnecki-Verner.  Production and perception of glottal stops (Arabic, English) were contrasted between British and American dialects of English by Kamil Malarski.  Magdalena Wrembel  provided an overview of our research into L3 acquisition and multilingualism, such as how sounds interact in the multilingual mind (Polish, English, Norwegian), and the role of cross-linguistic influence and language dominance on third language acquisition.